The Guitar in Jazz featured the wines of Brown's of Padthaway.


Browns of Padthaway

Padthaway is a select wine growing region in the South East of South Australia, close by to Naracoort and the Coonawarra region. Browns have been producing wines in the region since the late 1960's. (Browns of Padthaway should not be confused with Brown Brothers further east in Victoria.) Browns are the largest landholder in Padthaway and the largest independent winery in that region. Many of their vines are over 30 years old which is unusual in Australia's burgeoning wine industry. Their wines are readily recognised by the diamond labels.

At the Guitar in Jazz, Gary Manthorpe presented four wines from Browns of Padthaway:

  • A 1998 riesling, which was Hyatt Award winner in Adelaide in 1998. This was a lovely crisp riesling characteristic of the region.
  • A 1999 unwooded chardonnay which is very popular in the Adelaide restaurants.
  • A 1997 Shiraz. Shiraz from the southeast have an elegant, lighter style as the fruit does not ripen as completely in the cooler climate.
  • A 1997 cabernet sauvignon which had a lot more depth of flavour; the rich blackberry typical of Padthaway cabernets.