he original Union Inn, Waymouth Street, opened in 1845 with a dinner and a dance. Since that time the Union's colourful history includes a caged tiger, a ghost, threat of demolition, not to mention the thirty-seven colourful characters who have been licensees of the pub over the years.

Today the Union is a great place for a quiet beer in traditional pub surroundings, a hearty meal at unbelievably low prices compared to pub meals in London, New York or Tokyo and of course jazz on Sunday evenings.

These links provide more information on the Union and its colourful past.

Mr Chreech's Tiger

The Ghost of the Union Hotel

The Licensees

The Menu

What are we drinking?

Union Entrance
Union Exterior

The Union Hotel, 70 Waymouth Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia
Telephone (61-8) 8231 4836